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Going to the gynecologist for the first time can be intimidating, especially when your body is already going through the major transitions of puberty. At V CARE OB/GYN in the Upper East Side of New York City, Gabriela Olaru, MD, can guide you or your child through an initial gynecological visit and answer all of your questions about your body. For more information about adolescent care, book an appointment by phone or online at V CARE OB/GYN today.

Adolescent Care Q & A

When should adolescents start visiting a gynecologist?

Adolescents have unique needs when it comes to their health, including their sexual and reproductive health. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), young women should visit a gynecologist for the first time between ages 13 and 15. Around this age, adolescent girls are in puberty, and their bodies are growing and changing. 

During adolescent care visits, V CARE OB/GYN can help young women better understand their bodies and the ways in which they’re changing. Their practitioner can answer questions about menstruation, sex, breast development, and more. 

These visits open the door for a transparent relationship between adolescent girls and their gynecologist. When they become comfortable coming in for gynecological visits, they can share their questions and concerns openly and learn to practice preventive care, setting themselves up for future gynecological health and well-being. 


What happens during the first adolescent care visit?

If you’re anxious about your first adolescent care visit, it might help to know what you should expect. Your first adolescent care visit at V CARE OB/GYN starts like any standard doctor’s visit, with a basic examination and a vitals check. Your practitioner takes your height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, and other measurements. At this time, you can ask questions about your sexual and reproductive health. Then, there are three specific examinations:

Breast examination

Although breast cancer is rare in teens, it’s important to check for it anyway. Your provider feels your breasts for lumps, cysts, and other irregularities.

External examination

During the external exam, your provider views the external part of your genitalia, called the vulva. They check for signs of health complications like sores and inflammation. This might feel awkward the first time, but it’s for the benefit of your health. 

Internal examination

Your provider may also perform an internal examination or pelvic exam. They feel the position of your internal organs like your uterus and ovaries, then open your vaginal canal with a speculum to view the cervix. 


What does adolescent care include?

Adolescent care involves many of the same components as adult gynecological care. Some issues you can address during your visits as an adolescent include:

  • Sexual activity 
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Vaccines (e.g., human papillomavirus)
  • Birth control 
  • Menstrual periods
  • Pelvic pain


Adolescent care visits help you better understand the way your body works. They can also teach you to identify signs of problems and complications associated with your sexual or reproductive health. If your V CARE OB/GYN provider finds signs of a complication during your visit, they can diagnose you and provide an appropriate treatment. 

If it’s time for your first gynecological adolescent care visit, call V CARE OB/GYN to request an appointment or book online today.